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Gifts by Dr. Mitchell

During this season of gift giving, we must be mindful of toy safety.  A child’s developmental stage can help guide us upon the type of present to purchase. For instance, infants explore the world through their mouths so we want to avoid small parts as they are a choking hazard. Toddlers are unsteady on their […]

December 2011 Newsletter


November 2011 Newsletter

  Volume 7 November 2011 Greetings Rush Mayo, Thanksgiving greetings from DHA!     As we approach this holiday season, we want to warmly express appreciation for our project partners and our many supporters.  Most of all, we are very thankful for the opportunity to work with and provide services to the men, women, and […]

Flu Season by Dr. Dale

Flu season is around the corner! It’s time to get a flu shot! Do not be afraid of them, as in spite of what you may hear from others, they DO NOT cause the flu. Occasionally someone may not feel quite normal for a day or two afterward, but that is nothing compared to the […]

Reading by Dr. Mitchell

Reading to your children is one of the best gifts you can give them, and it’s never too soon or too late to start! Reading to babies and young children helps with the development of their brains and prepares them for skills in learning to talk, read, and understand. Studies show that early steps of […]

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