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Children & Kindergarten by Karen Matthews

For those of you who have children starting Kindergarten in August, here are a few things child development experts suggest a new kindergartner should know: His or her first and last name and his or her parent’s first and last name Recognize all letters ( both lowercase and uppercase) and numbers up to 10 Basic […]

ATV Use by Dr. Dale

ATVs or 4-wheelers are fun to ride, but are potentially very dangerous sporting vehicles. Here are a few safety tips to remember. Children should not be allowed to ride without responsible adult supervision. They should ride only those designed for their size, never on an adult sized ATV. They should be thoroughly educated and show […]

Dental Care by Dr. Mitchell

You can start caring for your baby’s teeth even before a single one has erupted! For young, toothless babies, you should wipe out their mouths after each feeding with a soft washcloth. This protects the gums and future dentition. When that first tooth appears, it’s time to start brushing! Use a soft toothbrush and water; […]

More Kid Activities by Karen Matthews

Earlier this week I suggested some kid friendly activities that will help your child developmentally.  Here are some other ideas: See a firehouse. There is a firehouse museum in Greenville, but most communities allow tours of the local fire house. Visit a community garden. Delta Health alliance supports community gardens in most of the counties in the […]

Summer Activities With Your Child by Karen Matthews

This week, I want to list ten things you could do with your child or children this summer.  Today I’ll start with four, then do three on Wednesday and the final three on Friday.  In addition to being fun, doing these kinds of activities is important from a developmental perspective.  One of the difficulties children have in […]

Toddler Child Development by Karen Matthews

This is the last of this week’s post about tips for your toddler’s development. This is when the brain is really developing those areas that have to do with speech and symbols. Your child is curious about words and is beginning to put together longer sentences. I bet your toddler has favorite stories he or […]

Toddler Child Development: Part II by Karen Matthews

Continuing with our series this week on child development tips for your two year old.  What we know from the latest brain research is that this is the time your toddler begins to get curious about what words and symbols mean. Your child’s curiosity about letters and numbers should be encouraged —  sing alphabet songs, […]

Back to Sleep by Dr. Mitchell

Newborns and infants should be placed on their backs to sleep in their own cribs or bassinettes to prevent SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Studies have shown that supine (back) positioning is the safest for babies and that sleeping on their stomachs or even on their sides puts them at risk for SIDS. Often parents […]

Tetanus Shot Update by Dr. Dale

Tetanus Shot update. With the summer approaching and folks engaging in outdoor activities that cause them cuts and scrapes, it is important to be current with your tetanus immunizations. These shots prevent the serious and sometimes fatal illness, tetanus or ‘lockjaw’. Almost everyone gets a series of three DPT shots in infancy which is updated […]

Early Child Development for Two Year Olds by Karen Matthews

This week I want to focus on early development for your two year old toddler.  Before your child’s third birthday, his or her brain growth shifts into a very important and very rapid phase: the brain areas in charge of more complex thinking and decision making begin to develop.  At this age, your child is […]

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