Founded in 2001, the Delta Health Alliance is a partnership founded by Delta State University, Mississippi State University, Mississippi Valley State University, University of Mississippi Medical Center, and Delta Council. The primary purpose of the DHA is to coordinate and provide oversight for community-based programs that address critical healthcare and wellness gaps in the Delta. The DHA strives to accomplish this by focusing on:

  • Increasing access to healthcare
  • Improving health education
  • Conducting health research

Quick Facts about the Mississippi Delta:

  • Mississippi is the fourth most rural state in the nation
  • The Delta is among the poorest areas in the U.S. (census)
  • Almost 60% of the total population in the Delta consists of African Americans who are vulnerable to our nation’s existing racial and ethnic health disparities, compared to 36% of the total state population, and 12% of the total national population
  • Without the 18 county core Delta region (excluding DeSoto County), Mississippi would rank average or near average in almost all major health indicators (ranking would improve from 25-32)

Response of DHA to the Needs of the Mississippi Delta:

In order to respond effectively to the health needs of the Mississippi Delta, the DHA has designed a comprehensive plan for addressing those issues in a coordinated, systematic manner. Components of this plan include:

  • Initiatives that address diabetes and obesity
  • Initiatives that address the nursing shortage by increasing the recruitment of nursing students and retention of nurses
  • A series of assessments that, together, will yield a comprehensive “State-of-the-Health” report of the Mississippi Delta region

The partner universities to provide:

  • Leadership
  • Expertise
  • Direction for projects
  • Proposal development

The Delta Council to provide:

  • Services as fiscal agent
  • Assistance with funding
  • Assistance in the development of policy and procedures
  • Promotion of networking opportunities