Mission Statement

The mission of the Delta Health Alliance is to improve the health of the men, women, and children who make the Mississippi Delta their home.

The Delta Health Alliance aims to carry out this mission in three ways. First, we will seek to understand the fundamental causes of poor health in the region through comprehensive research programs and statistical analysis of relevant data. Second, we will fund programs to increase access to health care professionals. Third, we will educate residents of the Delta in ways that encourage them to adopt healthy lifestyles.

The programs we fund and the projects we undertake to achieve this mission must meet three demands:

  1. Our initiatives will be done in collaboration with organizations currently at work in the Delta – community groups, schools, colleges, universities, public health agencies, hospitals, and clinics. The Delta Health Alliance recognizes that in fulfilling its mission, people will have to change. And real change and sustainable change can only occur when individuals and organizations, working together, are empowered to act. It is for this reason that the Delta Health Alliance believes in creating partners in our mission. Nevertheless, where existing organizations or institutions do not exist to carry out a specific component of the mission, or are inadequate to the task, or are unwilling to join us as partners, we will work to create the organizational infrastructure necessary to accomplish this mission.
  2. Our initiatives will focus on specific ways to increase the capacity of institutions and organizations to improve the delivery of health care over the long term and to increase the capacity of communities to build networks and relationships that promote greater individual involvement in the health care system. We believe in funding programs that will lead to change that is both sustainable and enduring.
  3. Our initiatives will be evaluated on the basis of objective statistical data that is produced and recorded as part of the projects. We will not fund a program that relies on an evaluation of anecdotal results.