We at Delta Health Alliance are a large family dedicated to providing better access and increased awareness about health to the people in the Mississippi Delta. Our employees, partners, and volunteers understand that we are here to change lives. The family of DHA has banded together in order to face the long-standing health challenges of the Delta. Below you will meet the people who are working hard to help make a healthier Delta for everyone.

Administration & Finance

Karen Matthews, Chief Executive Officer & President
Marlin Womack, VP, Finance & Administration, General Counsel
Elizabeth McCullers, Director, Sponsored Programs
Ashley Zepponi, Administrative Specialist to the CEO
Laura Clark, Finance Manager
Sydney Dean, Finance and Special Projects Manager
Clara Mandolini, Controller
Travis Fleming, Business Manager
Lori Gower, Contracts Specialist
Jobyna Hazzard, Communications Director
Joy Henderson, Human Resources Director
Doris Smith, Custodian Lead
Evelyn Nealon, Custodian – Part-time
Renotta Townsend, Custodian
James Griffin, Custodian/Maintenance-Part-time

Information Technology

Samuel Dawkins, VP, Information Technology
Daniel Thomas, Asst. VP, Information Technology

Davis Hayes, Technical Services Manager
Melanie Hebert, Project Manager
Stephanie Hemphill, Project Manager
Lauren Scott, Senior Clinical Systems Analyst
Jewel Carter, Clinical Systems Analyst
Marcus Caswell, Senior Systems Administrator
Michael Loftin, Data Transfer & Reporting Lead
Shenetta Drone, Project Director, Health Information Technology


Josh Davis II, VP, External Affairs
Deborah Moore, Associate VP, Indianola Promise Community/Community Relations
Carolyn Willis, Associate VP, Indianola Promise Community/Education & Outreach

Rona Strong, Office Manager, Indianola Promise Community
Boris Lee, Custodian-Part-time
Stephanie Gilmore, Project Director, Indianola Promise Community/ College and Careers
Christopher Narkun, Project Manager, Indianola Promise Community/School Based Programming
Anthony Powell, Project Manager, Indianola Promise Community/Community Relations
Shequite Johnson, Project Coordinator, Indianola Promise Community/Community Relations
Roshunda Sample, Project Director, Indianola Promise Community/Community Based Programs
Allison Poindexter, Project Manager, Indianola Promise Community/ Teacher Professional Development
Lolita Gladney, Project Manager, Indianola Promise Community/ Triple P & PBIS
Beverly Hale, Project Coordinator, Indianola Promise Community/Imagination Library
Caleb Herod, Project Coordinator, Indianola Promise Community/Out of School
Leslie Johnson, Project Manager, Indianola Promise Community/Healthy Lifestyles
Sarah Fincher, Dietitian, Indianola Promise Community/Healthy Lifestyles
Cassandra Rule, Social Services Coordinator
Karin Scott, Research Director, Evaluations, Indianola Promise Community
John Anderson, Research Associate, Indianola Promise Community
Sha’Ketta Davis, Efforts to Outcome Administrator, Indianola Promise Community
Kymberlyn Foster, Efforts to Outcome Administrator, Indianola Promise Community
Tracy Grady, LINKS Research Associate, Indianola Promise Community
Cicily Bolden, LINKS, Indianola Promise Community
Atoya Elmore, LINKS, Indianola Promise Community
Lula James, LINKS, Indianola Promise Community
Shanekia Kemp, LINKS, Indianola Promise Community
April Seal, LINKS, Indianola Promise Community
Deondria Winder, LINKS, Indianola Promise Community
Jeneveri Brown, Parent Educator, Indianola Promise Community
Ethena Hyde, Parent Educator, Indianola Promise Community
Marva Johnson, Parent Educator, Indianola Promise Community
Melinda Young, Parent Educator, Indianola Promise Community
Cheryl Jones, Parent Educator , Indianola Promise Community
Faith Tabor, Parent Educator, Indianola Promise Community
Gloria Wilson, Parent Educator, Indianola Promise Community
Marilyn James, Parent Liaison, Indianola Promise Community
Donna Ransome, Parent Educator/Sr. Research Assistant, USDA
Shakari Moore, Parent Educator/Research Assistant, USDA
Debra Johnson, Parent Educator/Research Assistant, USDA

Nikki Payne, Project Manager/Delta PAT Home Visiting
Dolores Williams, Project Manager/Sunflower County Home Visiting
Melanie Williams, Project Manager/Delta PAT Home Visiting

Petra Cobbs, Literacy Tutor-Temporary
Monique McClain, Literacy Tutor-Temporary
Ryneka Rice, Literacy Tutor-Temporary
Lakendra Gerord, Literacy Tutor-Temporary
Doris Farrow, Literacy Tutor-Temporary
Tammie Bolden, Literacy Tutor-Temporary
Oria Walker, Literacy Tutor-Temporary
Cynthia Thomas, Literacy Tutor-Temporary
Tina Dawson, Literacy Tutor-Temporary

Lorene Delaney, Community Health Worker
Lula Reece, Community Health Worker
Cassonya Lampkin, Clinical Nurse Educator/ Researcher
Beverly Johnson, Project Coordinator, Tobacco Cessation
Nakisha McCray, Project Coordinator, Tobacco Cessation
Wilhelmenia Newson, Project Coordinator, Tobacco Cessation
Kiara Williams, Student Worker-Part-time

Leland Medical Clinic

Rhonda Potter, Nurse Practitioner
Sandra Evans, Clinic Nurse
Flora Byrd, Clinic Nurse
Pat Jennings, Clinic Nurse-Part-time
Tamika Sharkey-Green, Clinic Nurse-Part-time
Ellen Durst, Registered Dietitian
Starr Allen, Clinical Assistant
Debra Clark, Clinic Office Manager
Kathy Evans, Registration Clerk
Kathryn Cox, Nurse Educator-Part-time