The Indianola Promise Community just added eight new links to a chain that’s connecting children and their parents to programs for success. “We’re called LINKS because we Link Individuals, Neighborhoods and Kids to Services,” said LINKS member Shanekia Pembleton. “We try to ensure that each child is linked to the best programs for them, individually, [...]

2014-15 Indianola Youth Council

2014-15 Indianola Youth Council

Motivation. Devotion. Reward. Those are the words that Fredrick Gooden finds most important in his vocabulary. And as the new president of the Indianola Youth Council, he is using them often these days. “One of my jobs as president is to get everyone more motivated and devoted to their tasks,” said Fredrick, a 16-year-old junior [...]

Training Day for Parents in Indianola

When it comes to parents’ involvement in their children’s early education, Karen Blumenberg likes to say that “it’s more than just cookies.” “What I mean by that is, if you have a child in daycare, you have to really be part of that. This is the foundation for everything that follows,” said Blumenberg. “It’s more [...]

Movie Night in Indianola

Where to take your family or your date on a Friday night is probably not at the top of America’s problems, unless you live in a small town in rural Mississippi. Used to be, movies provided an important thread in the social fabric of a community; a place where people gathered to remove themselves from [...]

Arts in After-School Program

The Indianola Promise Community has just put more art into the Art of Living Smart. A new partnership between IPC, the BB King Museum and the Delta Arts Alliance in Cleveland means that students in IPC’s Art of Living Smart after-school program now have a focused arts and humanities component to enhance their education. “From [...]

IPC Showcase Results

Fostering healthier lives for Indianola residents is a primary mission of the Indianola Promise Community. So when nearly half of the audience at a recent town hall meeting said in a poll that they’d like to learn more about IPC’s healthy lifestyles initiative, staff members took the message to heart. “We’re here to listen and [...]

2014 Indianola Survey

“When you are through changing, you are through.” That quote sums up the philosophy of the Indianola Promise Community, which has always viewed the ability to change and adapt as an ongoing effort and an opportunity to better serve Indianola residents. So on Nov. 3, IPC staff and members of the community will once again [...]

Reading Rams

When it comes to reading, Roger Stephens wants to be ram tough. “I love to read,” said Roger, a sixth-grader at Indianola’s Carver Elementary School. “I like the bigger books; the chapter books.” His passion for reading has led Roger to join the Roosevelt Reading Rams, a new weekend reading program established by the Indianola [...]

Summer Reading Camp

A pair of dark sunglasses adorn Tyler Young’s lime green t-shirt along with the words “Don’t Fear My Awesomeness.” “What makes me awesome?” the six-year-old replied to a visitor’s question. “Well, I’m starting first grade and I’m pretty good at sports and I can read.” The components that comprise the life of an elementary school [...]

Preparing for college in Indianola

Technically, it’s about college preparation, providing high school students the tools they’ll need to continue their education. But this summer camp goes much deeper. “Before I came here, I didn’t know that much about respect,” said Zarion Crosby, a rising high school sophomore. “When I came, my views changed. I started treating people better and [...]

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