Early Child Development for Two Year Olds by Karen Matthews

This week I want to focus on early development for your two year old toddler.  Before your child’s third birthday, his or her brain growth shifts into a very important and very rapid phase: the brain areas in charge of more complex thinking and decision making begin to develop.  At this age, your child is beginning to use memories and experiences to make sense of the present, to develop a better understanding of the relationship between cause and effect, right and wrong, and how actions can effect other people and their feelings.  Your challenge as a parent is to instill self control and self confidence by praising your child for solving problems and accomplishing small tasks; set a good example by expressing yourself with calm words, and encourging your child to get dressed on his or her own, brush hair and teeth, and put toys away. At the same time, allow extra time for your toddler to complete small tasks, and be ready to redirect her when she becomes frustrated.


Karen C. Matthews

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