Bobby Dale, MD

Dr. Robert “Bobby” Dale currently serves as the Vice President of Clinical Affairs and Chief Medical Officer for Delta Health Alliance, a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and coordinating a wide variety of healthcare initiatives across 18 counties of the Mississippi Delta region. As Vice President, Dr. Dale is responsible for the four 21st Century Clinics supported by DHA.

Dr. Dale’s education and training began with a Bachelor’s of Science from Mississippi State University and received his Doctoral of Medicine from the University Of Mississippi School Of Medicine. He did an internship at the University Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, Mississippi. Dr. Dale is certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine and is a Fellow in the American College of Emergency Physicians.

Prior to his position with Delta Health Alliance, Dr. Dale served in the following capacities:

Emergency Department Staff Physician, Emergency Department Assistant Medical Director and Emergency Department Medical Director at NORTH MISSISSIPPI MEDICAL CENTER in Tupelo, Mississippi;

Emergency Department Medical Director at GILMORE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL in Amory, Mississippi

Emergency Department Medical Director and Emergency Department Staff Physician at BERGER HOSPITAL in Circleville, Ohio

Emergency Department Staff Physician at RIVERSIDE METHODIST HOSPITAL in Columbus, Ohio

Affiliate Clinical Faculty at THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF MEDICINE in Columbus, Ohio

Emergency Department Staff Physician and Employee Health Director at SOUTHERN OHIO MEDICAL CENTER in Portsmouth, Ohio

Physician/Partner in Hazlehurst Clinic (Family Practice), Emergency Department Director/Emergency Medicine Services Chairman, Emergency Department Staff Physician and Chief of Staff at HARDY WILSON MEMORIAL HOSPITAL in Hazlehurst, Mississippi

Emergency Department Staff Physician at the MISSISSIPPI BAPTIST MEDICAL CENTER in Jackson, Mississippi

Throughout his 37 years in healthcare, Dr. Dale practices based on the knowledge and skills required for the prevention, diagnosis and management of acute and urgent aspects of illness and injury affecting patients of all age groups with a full spectrum of undifferentiated physical and behavioral disorders.

A Cold or the Flu? by Dr. Dale

So how do you suspect one or the other?  Let’s compare and contrast them. Colds are caused by viruses and can occur throughout the year. They may begin with a mild sore throat and sinus stuffiness, possibly with a low grade fever, and progress down the upper respiratory tract over a couple of days and […]


Thanksgiving Moderation by Dr. Dale

Thanksgiving heralds the coming holiday season, and we all are looking forward to our favorite holiday foods. I would encourage you all to enjoy your meals in moderation, but be cautious about overeating which can lead to a variety of problems. If you are diabetic, have high blood pressure, gout, or other common illnesses you […]


"Care Guides" Program for Diabetic Patients by Dr. Dale

Diabetic patients seen in the Leland Medical Clinic will be assessed with a program called “care guides.” This program is like scheduled maintenance in that your doctor or nurse practitioner will be alerted periodically when it is time for you to have certain lab tests, eye exams, diabetic foot exams, urine tests, and diet counseling, […]


Sinus Congestion by Dr. Dale

Fall is upon us and so goes the fact that fall pollens are out. These pollens, mixed with atmospheric harvest dust stirred up by farm machinery, are causing many people to suffer with sinus congestion and dry coughs. Before going to see your primary care provider, try using non-sedating over-the-counter antihistamines such as Zyrtec or […]


Carbon Monoxide Exposure by Dr. Dale

As the weather cools we are all beginning to use heaters of some kind. Beware that fuel powered heaters, ie kerosene, butane, etc burn with a poisonous gas by-product, carbon monoxide. You should know that this gas is both odorless and tasteless and will accumulate in a closed space, ie house, shed, car, without warning. […]


Sunburn by Dr. Dale

Summer weather is upon us, and many of us want to engage in outdoor activities. Remember to use sunscreen on exposed skin surfaces, especially if you are fair skinned and prone to sunburn. The reason is two-fold. The obvious one is to prevent painful sunburn. The other is that unprotected skin may develop skin cancers […]


ATV Use by Dr. Dale

ATVs or 4-wheelers are fun to ride, but are potentially very dangerous sporting vehicles. Here are a few safety tips to remember. Children should not be allowed to ride without responsible adult supervision. They should ride only those designed for their size, never on an adult sized ATV. They should be thoroughly educated and show […]


Tetanus Shot Update by Dr. Dale

Tetanus Shot update. With the summer approaching and folks engaging in outdoor activities that cause them cuts and scrapes, it is important to be current with your tetanus immunizations. These shots prevent the serious and sometimes fatal illness, tetanus or ‘lockjaw’. Almost everyone gets a series of three DPT shots in infancy which is updated […]


Shingles by Dr. Dale

‘Shingles’ is a very painful rash usually occurring in middle aged and older adults, although young people sometimes get it, as well. It is caused by the chicken pox virus that the victim had as a child. It lies dormant in the nerve tissue of one’s body for years, then causes a rash along that […]


Flu Season by Dr. Dale

Flu season is around the corner! It’s time to get a flu shot! Do not be afraid of them, as in spite of what you may hear from others, they DO NOT cause the flu. Occasionally someone may not feel quite normal for a day or two afterward, but that is nothing compared to the […]