Jay Cohen, MD

Diabetic Foot & Skin Care by Dr. Cohen

Why Worry? Poor blood glucose (sugar) control increases risk for skin and foot infection. Nerve damage due to diabetes also makes you less likely to feel pain. If the foot or skin is injured, wounds may heal slowly. If the wound is not treated correctly, severe infection can lead to gangrene and amputation. What Needs […]

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Grocery Store Visits by Dr. Cohen

Before you go to the grocery store: plan out your family meals for the week and write down each meal and what you need at the grocery store. Add what else you need to your shopping list ( bag of flour, fruit, etc) Then go to the store Try not to buy anything that is […]

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Weight Loss by Dr. Cohen

1. It is time to take your own health seriously…….. every day 2. You breathe every day, eat every day, now, it is time to start exercising every day. This is not a recommendation, this is a COMMAND!!! Exercising means that your heart is beating 20 beats per minute faster than your usual heart rate; […]

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