1) Is the Delta Health Alliance a granting agency?

The Delta Health Alliance (DHA) is not a granting agency. We are an association of over a dozen different community-based non-profit agencies, universities, workforce development groups and professional associations, united through our mutual interest in developing sustainable programs that meet critical needs in our region. The majority of our programs are funded through the mechanism of Cooperative Agreements, meaning that the DHA is an active participant in every project we support.

The DHA works with our partners to 1) identify the most critical needs of our communities, 2) write proposals and identify funding opportunities, 3) work together to implement those initiatives, then 4) evaluate the results. If a project’s results are positive and sustainable, we will endeavor to help develop business plans to sustain those efforts and even replicate them into other communities with similar needs.

2) Can we submit a proposal to the DHA for funding?

If your agency or community has an idea that you would like to present to the DHA, please begin by reviewing the types of projects already supported by the DHA in order to ensure the effort does not duplicate something already underway and that it would be in keeping with the types of initiatives historically supported. If you would like to proceed, please prepare a brief one-page summary of the idea, including statement of need, targeted service area and estimated total funding support needed, and submit it online. The DHA does not have a pool of funds available to direct to new projects, but it may be possible that we can help your group identify some support for your initiative, assist with its implementation or partner you with an agency that can.

3) Does the DHA offer any technical assistance for local agencies interested in starting new programs?

Yes we do. The DHA hosts bi-annual workshops on a variety of topics, including grant writing, developing community based participatory research projects and evaluation plans, business plan development, networking and other programmatic skills. The DHA also supports a wide variety of conferences and seminars across the Delta, hosted by our project partners. For information on upcoming events, please visit our Upcoming Events page.

4) Our agency has resources that might be of use to the DHA and its partners. How do I coordinate with the DHA to improve the utilization of our goods and services?

The success of the DHA stems from largely from its ability to coordinate limited resources to their best use. If your group has skills, services, goods or talent that you believe might compliment one of our initiatives, we encourage you to contact Thomas Edwards via our Contact Us section to the right about collaboration.

5) Are there opportunities to participate with the DHA even if our community is not in your service area?

The service area for the DHA was developed when our agency was formed and formalized by our Board of Directors, to focus efforts on one 18-county area of the state that had significant need and could be served in a coordinated fashion. We typically do not partner with projects outside our service area, but given the overlapping fashion of some healthcare programs (particularly health education or workforce development), the effects of some of our programs may impact neighboring areas.

6) How does the DHA decide what sort of programs it will pursue?

Every year, the DHA authorizes a needs assessment of our communities to identify a) what are the critical issues effecting the health and well-being of our residents, b) what services are currently being provided, and c) what are the ongoing gaps that exist that impact access to adequate care. From these “gap analyses”, focus areas are identified to help direct future project development. Community input is sought to ensure acceptance of programs and interest in new collaborations.

7) I’ve heard a rumor that the DHA is coming to my community in order to offer services.

a. We already provide some of those services and I’m concerned about competition / duplication of services. Who can we talk to?

The DHA was formed for the specific purpose of identifying unmet healthcare needs and working with local partners to develop sustainable programs that meet those needs. Avoiding duplication of services is one of our strongest concerns, given the limited nature of resources for our region. If you believe that one of our initiatives might overlap with existing programs, please contact Thomas Edwards via our Contact Us section to the right.

b. Our agency is also in that community, but we provide other services. I think there is an opportunity to coordinate. Who can we talk to?

Partnerships are the heart of every effort we undertake and the DHA is interested in coordinating services whenever possible. Please review our list of current projects and service areas. If you believe that coordination with the DHA would be beneficial, please contact Thomas Edwards via our Contact Us section to the right.

c. My church/business/school is very interested in getting more information. Who can we talk to?

The DHA website has a list of all project partners at our Partners page. Additional information on these initiatives may be available on their own websites. Or feel free to contact Thomas Edwards via our Contact Us section to the right.