When asked why a health care organization is helping children prepare for kindergarten, Karen Fox, Delta Health Alliance CEO, explains, “The more educated a citizen is, the healthier a citizen is. They learn more about health care and wellness. The world of physicians and hospitals and prescriptions is less daunting. And they have the learning skills to absorb more information.”

We at Delta Health Alliance believe in education of all kinds in every stage of life. By educating individuals about healthier lifestyles we hope to make a greater impact in their lives. We have many projects aimed at just this goal.


Addressing the Delta Teacher Shortage

The overall purpose of the DELTA Project is to prepare and support school leaders and teachers to work in the high risk Mississippi Delta region where there is a critical shortage of leaders and teachers.The DELTA Project prepares new leaders and teachers to create healthy school environments while developing high achieving students who can have a positive impact on the economic viability and quality of life in communities across the Mississippi Delta Region. Additionally, the DELTA Project provides continued professional development and support to practicing leaders and teachers to promote the retention of quality personnel in Delta area schools.

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Delta Choices

The DHA is partnering with the Delta Council, an area economic development organization representing the eighteen counties of northwest Mississippi known as the Mississippi Delta, to implement the Drug Abuse Resistance Education. Delta Choices is a nationally recognized model for the prevention of drug abuse and crime. Students that participate in the Delta Choices program will learn to better access the risks associated with substance abuse, enhance decision-making and resistance strategies to improve antidrug normative beliefs and attitudes, and reduce substance abuse.


Imagination Library

In response to growing awareness that critical aspects of literacy acquisition begin at very early ages, The Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library (IL) program was developed to support the early literacy experiences of young children, birth to age five, by sending new age-appropriate books to children every month. Children registered in the program at birth could potentially receive 60 books through the end of program eligibility at age five.

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Tobacco Cessation

The mission of the grant from the Office of Tobacco Control is to promote and protect the health of all Mississippians by reducing tobacco-related disease and death. The office accomplishes this mission by utilizing a systemic approach to tobacco prevention and control. Each program component is developed and implemented based on evidence-based strategies and the recommendations outlined in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Best Practices for Comprehensive Tobacco Control Programs.

LIP Pledge